Quick questions – quick answers!

Q: Does the FT-Day have a registration fee for visitors?
A: No, the entrance is free for all registered visitors.

Q: I want to take part in the Securpro BV presentation – what do I need?
A: Guests will not be allowed to participate without an official government service ID.

Q: I forgot my service ID. Will a personal ID card do it?
A: For a general visit of the FT Day a personal ID card will do it. If you want to attend the presentations of Secupro Government BV, a proof of affiliation to a government authority is required.

Q: How do I register for the workshops?
A: This information will follow as the first workshops are announced.

Q: Will there be catering provided by the organiser?
A: Yes, the organiser will take care of the well being of all guests .

Q: Will I receive a certificate of attendance for the different workshops?
A: Yes, if you send us a short e-mail after the Event naming the workshop you have attended, you will receive your personalized participation certificate.

Q: Is the FT-Day an open event?
A: No, the FT-Day is for specialists from the field of IT forensics, Big-Data analytics and LEAs only.