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Das erwartet Sie beim FT-Day Live&Online 2021

100 times faster triage of computers and mobile devices with Cyan Forensics.

How to Get Access to Locked Mobile Phones and Decrypt the User Data Area Partitions with the PC-3000 Mobile Hard Key Method.


Experience the power behind the Belkasoft X and our other new Products Belkasoft R and Belkasoft T for yourself!

What’s new in Oxygen Forensic Detective.


Detego Unified Forensics Platform: The Worlds Fastest Imaging Solution.

Empowering Experts and Investigators with New Ways to Enhance


An insight into Trifecta partnership in demand, supply and education.

Introduction to Passware Kit Mobile and latest features to Passware Kit Forensic

Vorstellung mobile Labore
Networking Dinner


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Take control over your digital media investigations and unlock efficient collaboration across departments. Work smarter and do more of what you do best.

Effizienzsteigerung durch gezielte Automatisierung und zentrale Sichtung digitaler Spuren


Größere Fähigkeiten für größere Herausforderungen – KI und Computer Vision im Einsatz
Bigger capabilities for bigger challenges – AI and Computer Vision at work

MD-Series Demo Live: #1. Samsung Galaxy S21 data extraction with ‘MD-NEXT’. #2. Dual App data analysis with ‘MD-RED’. #3. AI based video analysis with ‘MD-VIDEO’.


Think you know EnCase? Think again.

The next generation of FTK – a unified software solution for forensic investigations, from data processing and recovery to the court-ready report – everything on a collaborative platform.
Log in – and join us on a quest for evidence!



Opentext Enterprise:  EnCase in the cloud – How to effectively investigate off network machines

Cyfluence: Security in the age of cyber influence, disinformation, fake news and social media manipulation

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