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The FT-Day: Germany's most important professional conference for IT-Forensics


Herzlich Willkommen zum 15. Forensic Technology Day!

For many years now experts, investigators, law enforcement officers and government agencies from all over the world meet at our annual event to discuss the newest trends, developments and challenges of the IT-forensics industry. This two day event will feature leading forensics technology vendors who will showcase their newest solutions and demonstrate digital forensic techniques, as well as sharing their experiences with the aim of simplifying workflows for digital forensics practitioners. All attendees will be able to preview the latest in digital forensics, best practices and will also have the opportunity to speak with each of the vendors and fellow investigators during the event. We recommend you take part in one of the workshops to gain practical benefits for your everyday work.

This year's program focuses on investigations in the field, mobile forensic, big data forensic, password and data recovery and foto/video forensic.
The participation is free of charge.

Do not miss this event and learn more about the latest IT forensics challenges and solutions.

We are looking forward to the exciting presentations, workshops and interesting discussions!

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IT-Forensic Scientist and Investigators | Federal Agents and Law Enforcement
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