Shuttle-Bus :

A free shuttle bus will be provided to and from Kandel, Herxheim-Hayna, Landau and Jockgrim in the mornings and evenings.


Below you will find some hotel recommendations for the FT Day.
We are looking forward to greeting you in our HQ!

Hotel recommendations near our HQ in Kandel:


Hotel Distance
Hotel zur Pfalz Kandel 3 km
Hotel zum Riesen Kandel 3 km
Hotel zum Rössel Kandel 3 km
Hotel Krone Herxheim-Hayna 4 km
Hotel Duwakschopp Herxheim-Hayna 4 km
Hotel Kurparkblick Bad Bergzabern 14 km
Maximilians Boutique-Hotel Landau 14 km
Park Hotel Landau 14 km
Victoria Living Jockgrim 10 km


mh Service GmbH
Barthelsmühlring 24
76870 Kandel

Park - you can park at the marked places Bei den Markierungen können Sie parken